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Industrial racking classification

- Nov 29, 2017 -

Industrial  shelves are mainly used in the manufacturing of industrial products and  trade storage process used in the shelf and shelf systems. These shelves are based on the specific characteristics of industrial products and customized. Is to meet the modern industrial manufacturing and bulk trade and the use of storage equipment. Different from the general civilian product storage shelves and alternating grace shelves. Industrial storage shelves generally have a large unit storage  capacity, load-bearing capacity, ease of handling and multi-storey  multi-storey high-level three-dimensional storage characteristics.

Industrial  storage shelves are often used in the installation of the shelf types  of heavy shelves, through shelves, shuttle shelves, cantilevered storage  shelves. In addition there are some special features according to the product shelf, such as fluent shelf, gravity shelf. Their proper and reasonable use in the daily production and trade  constitute a complete production system, people's efficiency and  stability to enhance and standardize the management of warehousing,  follow-up and other aspects of the smooth progress.

The main role of industrial shelves reflected in:

Bulk use of storage shelves, can be doubled to improve the limited area of the inventory capacity. Different  shelves have different utilization of space, such as three-dimensional,  different density, adapt to different products and storage matching. Reasonable  shelf structure and layout based on the type of goods, the management  of goods requirements, the type of warehouse and the type of mechanical  storage and transportation equipment. The development of industrial shelves plays a role in fueling the development of modern industry. It is an integral part of the overall business planning an important infrastructure.

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