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Importance of fire safety in warehouse rack planning

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  Importance of fire safety in warehouse rack planning

  Fire safety is a problem that can not be neglected in any industry, and it is no exception in the process of planning and designing warehouse shelves.

  In recent years, in order to accelerate the circulation of commodities and create economies of scale for the purpose of collecting and handling, sorting, processing, packaging, storage, distribution and other functions as a whole, large-scale shelves of logistics and distribution buildings continue to appear, this kind of building is different from the function of a relatively single production or storage building, the current fire technical code is still lack of such building fire design requirements, urgent need to complement the perfect situation. In order to reasonably determine the relevant fire protection requirements in the Code of Fire Protection of architectural design, so as to meet the needs of construction, also can guarantee its fire safety, warehouse rack the Ministry of Public Security Fire Department is organizing all over the fire brigade to the local area various kinds of logistic distribution construction situation carries on the research, and according to "The Architectural Design Fire Protection standard" the drafting unit proposed the Logistics distribution building fire prevention design request, requests the revision opinion, in order to provide

  1. Fire-prevention measures shall be adopted between the loading and unloading (sorting) operation area and the storage area, and the structure of loading and unloading (sorting) operation area and storage area should be relatively independent, to ensure that the fire does not collapse as a whole; the maximum allowable floor area of fire zone for loading and unloading (sorting) operation area can refer to the current national standard "Building Design Fire Code" GB 50016-2006 Table 3.3.1 The Workshop of Class C is determined; warehouse rack The maximum allowable floor area of the storage area and the maximum allowable area of fire zone can be determined by reference to the current national standard, table 3.3.2 Note 4.

  2. The fire-resistant grade of the construction of Logistics distribution center should not be less than two. The steel structure of the Shelf Logistics Distribution center, should be used reinforced concrete column, or steel column used for the use of fire-proof materials, can also be used to paint and the application of fire-proof materials to meet the specifications of the corresponding fire resistance limit.

  3. Loading and unloading (sorting) operation area and storage area of the safe export quantity and width, evacuation distance, evacuation staircase, etc., warehouse rack should meet the current "Architectural Design Fire Code" category C Plant and warehouse regulations.

  4. Loading and unloading (sorting) operation area and storage area should be in accordance with the current national standards "Architectural design Fire Code" provisions of the automatic fire extinguishing system, automatic alarm system and smoke exhaust facilities.

  5. Logistics Distribution Center Shelf building should be set up circular fire lanes, should be at least one long edge or peripheral length of 1/4 and not less than a long side length within the scope of the layout of fire fighting, and should be in the range of fire fighting to set up a straight-through outdoor staircases or entrances, warehouse rack fire fighting side at least with 15~18m can start fire operation Open site.

  Shelf Warehouse layout should not only consider the rationality and efficiency of planning, make full use of warehouse space, and should consider the safety of planning, warehouse rack meet the fire protection requirements of the relevant departments, reasonable distribution of fire protection facilities.

  Only in the planning warehouse shelves process fully consider a variety of fire problems, warehouse rack can be away from security risks and worries.

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