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How to use the shelf, pallet, forklift?

- Dec 18, 2017 -

In  general, the shelves, forklifts, trays these three things are  inseparable, how can we make these three can each other better  development? Now let's take a look at the professional manufacturer of  bar shelves to talk with you Talk about how to choose the pallet and shelf, forklift to match it?

First, the selection of tray size specifications: Selection of metal  tray, according to the different items required, the selected  specifications will be different.

1, first consider the packaging of goods and the metal tray placed on the way.

2,  As used in the automated warehouse, in addition to meet the above  requirements, but also consider the tray of non-slip coefficient, the  bottom of the tray with the chain of transmission equipment, the fork  height, the shelf load, the amount of permanent deformation, length Surface deflection, the location of bar code and other factors.

3,  as used in the warehouse shelves, to consider the width and depth of  the shelf size, usually pick each shelf shelves placed two pallets, and  set aside about 200mm access to space. In the depth direction as much as possible to give large size, this  will not produce harsh metal tray load requirements, in order to save  purchasing costs.

4, the size of the selection of metal tray should also consider the  versatility of the current domestic size of 1210 international standard,  1208 European standard and t11 Japanese standard tray.

5, consider the tray loading tools (such as containers, trucks, etc.).

Second, single-sided and double-sided choice

1, double-sided metal tray refers to the same structure of the front  and back both sides of the tray, the surface mesh and flat two, both  sides can be changed for use, according to the carrying capacity and use  of different occasions divided into two series of shelves and standard  series of standards.

2,  single-sided metal tray can only be used on one side, the surface of  the mesh and flat two, the bottom of the Sichuan font, Tian Zi type or  nine square foot pad type, according to the carrying capacity and use of  the occasion is divided into different types of shelves, Standard series and ultra-light series of three standards.

3, for the small size of the automatic stereo library or high shelf to  palletizer or electric forklift vertical handling mainly occasions,  single-sided shelf series tray and double-sided shelf series tray can  choose.

4, the choice of single-sided tray or double-sided tray should be  based on the corresponding storage, loading and unloading handling  equipment and status (such as library type, shelf type, stacking or  placed state, etc.) to determine.

5,  for a large area and the level of transport-based occasions, if the  manual hydraulic pallet truck is suitable for handling single-sided  tray. If  you need to stack the goods to the bottom of the tray and the top of  the bottom of the goods coincide, then the use of double-sided tray or  Tian word at the end of the single-sided tray is better. If you can use their own mobile pallet truck is suitable for use with  no connection at the bottom of the nine-foot single-sided tray.

6,  if the load in the three-dimensional library or shelves up to 1t, and  the shelves are not planted, it is recommended to use the built-in steel  pallet rack. The  built-in steel-plastic pallet structure effectively solve the problem  of the larger load on the shelf, the greater the weight of the product,  the high cost of the old problem, more importantly, the use of wall  thickness of about 2mm square steel tube, reached the shelf ( Three-dimensional library) Horizontal and vertical deflection are ≤  10mm strict requirements, while reducing permanent deformation and  reduce costs.

Third, the bearing requirements

1, the shelf load refers to the metal pallet packaging of goods on the shelves when allowed the maximum weight. Must  pay attention to the dynamic load, static load, shelf load and the  difference between the load of the library, the load capacity is  different with the shelf structure, ambient temperature and storage  cycle are closely related. General heavy-duty tray in the beam shelves bearing 0.7t-1t, standard tray bearing 0.4t-0.6t.

2,  the shelf bearing on the metal tray permanent deformation and  deflection have certain requirements, the deflection of the national  standard maximum 30mm, but this was significantly wide. We recommend using metal pallets with a flexure of up to 20mm on the shelf. If it is automatic three-dimensional warehouse, the requirements of  the deflection should be more stringent, the general requirements within  10mm.

3, moving refers to the use of electric forklift or manual hydraulic pallet truck once allowed to lift the maximum weight. General shelf tray can bear 1.5t-2t, standard tray can load 1t, ultra-light tray load 0.5t.

4, static load refers to the stack in the bottom of the plastic tray can withstand the maximum weight. General shelf tray can bear 6t-8t, standard tray can load 4t, ultra-light tray static load 1t.

Fourth, the choice of shelves

Shelf can be divided into general gravity shelves, attic shelves, cantilevered shelves, electronic control mobile shelves. Conventional  pallet rack, also known as beam shelves or cargo shelves; plug-in  assembly-type structure, the shelf height of 75mm pitch adjustable, the  unit shelf load up to 4000 kg per floor; goods placed in the tray On  the forklift access operations, storage convenient and flexible, can be  configured forward battery forklift, counterbalanced battery forklift,  forklift and forklifts and other handling equipment.

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