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How to safely use heavy duty shelves in China

- Nov 30, 2017 -

How to safely use Heavy duty racking in China

Safe use of Heavy duty racking in China. Pallet racking are common and widely used in one of the china racking, suitable for warehouses of goods or products used by the vast majority of its size is very large, usually carrying heavy cargo, so when it collapsed after the consequences are very serious, the following is the safety of the Heavy duty racking in China How to solve the problem, The following China racking factory gives you a detailed introduction, in order to ensure the safe use of Heavy duty racking in China

Installation of the ground requirements of  heavy-duty shelves, so as to ensure that the  shelves evenly distributed on the ground, under the external force is not easy to collapse. shelves should be placed in a ventilated and dry environment to prevent the rust of the  shelf security risks. It is forbidden to overload the goods. The weight of the goods should not exceed the maximum weight of the  rack design.

The height and width of the  shelves are limited, and the size of the card and cargo should be slightly less than 100mm. In the operation process, should be as light as possible to carry forklifts, so as not to hit the  shelves caused by collapse. Should be at the top, heavy principle on the ground floor, a number of taboo first.

When the goods are placed above the  shelf, the operator tries to avoid entering the bottom of the  shelf. If the beam and column are found to be seriously damaged, should promptly notify the manufacturer of timely replacement.

The above is the introduction of the safe use of heavy-duty shelves in china, heavy volume of the  shelves, large load, so in the use of the process should pay attention to safety problems, reduce the occurrence of harm.

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