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How to reduce the cost of warehouse management?

- Sep 14, 2018 -

How to reduce the cost of warehousing management, improve management efficiency, and reduce the occurrence of the above problems, you need to use your brains. The following will provide you with several kinds of fast goods classification and convenient search from the storage space--the specification of the shelf position. Methods.

The shelf position information refers to the arrangement of the places where the goods are stored according to the location, and the uniform number is marked with the serial number, and the obvious mark is made.

1.Section number

Divide the warehouse into sections and number each section. This method is a storage area represented by each number in the unit of the segment. The segment number is applicable to the warehouse location. If there is no shelf, the storage area can be divided into 1, 2, 3... several areas. segment.

2. Item group

After collecting some relevant products, they are divided into several item groups, and then each item group is numbered. This method is suitable for sellers who are easy to maintain by product group and have different products, such as multi-category sellers.

3. Address type

Encode the warehouse, section, row, row, layer, grid, and so on. Four sets of numbers can be used to indicate where the merchandise inventory is located. The four sets of numbers represent the number of the warehouse, the number of the shelves, the number of shelves, and the number of each cell in each layer. For the numbering such as 1-12-1-5, you can know that the meaning of the number is: No. 1 warehouse, the 12th shelf, the fifth grid in the first layer, according to the shelf information, you can quickly determine the specificity of a certain product. The location of the deposit.

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