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How to choose a shelf

- Apr 25, 2018 -

The choice of shelf depends on the type of product and its size, weight and quantity. Lightweight bulk types of products with light angle steel frame, cardboard boxes, box-like products to be selected in the medium-sized shelves or three-pillar shelves, the shelf length can be made from 1.2 meters to 2.5 meters, single layer can put more Boxes, turnaround boxes, holdings. Placing more irregular products on top of the attic platform. Large lightweight products. Most of the products occupy too much area. The attic platform was originally installed on the floor of the original floor, which greatly saved the storage space. Increased altitude utilization. Two-story attic racks are mostly used for parts storage and small items distribution libraries, parts libraries, heavy shelves are used in electronic products industry, paper industry, a variety of industries, the use of shelves should pay attention to the load-bearing performance of the shelves, can not be overloaded, the best After determining the weight of the product on the shelf. Use products that display shelves are not easy to display. Supermarket shelves are mainly used to display products. Angle steel shelves are used to store more scattered products. Lighter products. The main advantage of storing search products is easy to assemble and simple price discount ; . Medium shelves are mostly used to store boxes and slightly larger items. Manual access to goods The shelves are simple in structure. Laminates can be selected. Steel plates or wooden splints are used for delivery. The same firmness is used in large and small warehouses, as well as in production workshops and storerooms. .

Heavy-duty racks are used for large amounts of storage. Products stored in trays can save high-altitude space, have large storage capacity, and have good load-bearing performance. The requirements of the acquirer on the warehouse racking system should generally include the warehouse plan, the specifications of the unit (package), characteristics, weight, specifications of the unit pallets, stack height and loading capacity, access methods (manual, mechanical, automated) and storage Take equipment, storage requirements, frequency requirements for entry and exit, management system requirements, control methods, etc.

The light shelf belongs to one of the storage shelves, shelf shelf type. Is based on the carrying capacity of the shelves to distinguish and name. According to this division principle, the carrying capacity of light shelves in all storage shelves is small. The shelf usually carries ≦150 kg/floor (most of the shelf load is calculated based on the bearing capacity of the layer).

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