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How many years can storage shelves be used? How to extend?

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Life  in the daily necessities is called the shelf life, no matter what to  buy, people must ensure that buy within the warranty period of the  product. Only in this way can we ensure product safety. The  same storage shelves as well, but for the shelf life sometimes up to  several decades, so not many people will care about these, mostly ask  the quality of the shelves, which are also related to the storage  shelves The service life. The better the shelf material, the longer the service life. There  is the number of goods stacked shelves will also affect the shelf life,  so life in all walks of life will have a little indicator. Of course, there is also an aspect that will affect the use of shelves. That  is, whether the piled goods react to the shelves or not, and some of  the goods are corrosive. Although the shelves are prepared with these  aspects, their impact will be more or less affected. At this time, the  storage shelves will be used correspondingly life.
In  addition there is the shelf for the safety index of the goods will have  a certain impact, in the supermarket which will eat something more  directly on the shelves for customers to buy, this time we must consider  the shelf of food safety. Obviously, shelf life is crucial to consumer health and safety. People will look at shelf-life when shopping, have not expired,  not only the period of use of food, there are items, shelf products also  have a specific life.
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