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Gravity Rack

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Gravity shelves are also called from the gravity shelf, belong to heavy shelves, is the tray-type shelves evolved, suitable for a small variety of large quantities of similar goods storage, space utilization is very high, gravity shelf depth and the number of layers can be determined according to needs.

On the shelves of each layer of the channel, is equipped with a certain slope, with track guide, the storage unit of goods under the action of gravity, from the storage end to the library end. Such warehouses, in the row and row between the No operating channel, greatly improve the utilization of warehouse area. However, when used, the best goods in the same row, the same layer, should be the same goods or a simultaneous warehousing and out of the warehouse goods.

The loading path is fixed at a certain angle to the shelf beam, tray from the high-end into, along the roller line by its own gravity down, to control the tray to stabilize the speed of decline, to avoid impact, in the load on the road at a certain distance of a set of resistance system, the faster the tray decline, the resistance system generated resistance greater. The end part is set at the low-end, which is used to separate the minimum connected two trays, so that the lowest end tray can be successfully removed. Gravity shelf space utilization than shelf shelves and through-type shelves, and truly realize the "advanced first Out" principle, security and operational efficiency and shelf-type shelves are the same, widely used in various industries.

Gravity shelf Features: Suitable for advanced first out, large flow of products. The use of roller slide to achieve automatic inventory flow, space utilization rate of 85%. Suitable for cold storage, logistics distribution center, such as large-scale warehouse management use. Ordinary balanced forklift can operate.

In addition, when the channel is longer, the braking raceway should be set on the guide rails to prevent the terminal to increase the speed too much.

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