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Functional features of storage shelves

- Apr 20, 2018 -

1. Three-dimensional structure, which can make full use of warehouse space, improve the utilization of warehouse capacity, and expand warehouse storage capacity;

Storage shelves

Storage shelves

2, easy access to goods, can be achieved first-in, first-out, 100% selection ability, smooth inventory turnover;

3, the goods in the warehouse shelves, at a glance, easy to inventory, classification, measurement and other very important management work;

4, to meet the needs of large quantities of goods, a wide variety of storage and centralized management, with the mechanical transport tools, can also do a good job of storage and handling order;

5. The goods stored in the shelves are not squeezed, and the loss of materials is small. The function of the capital body can be completely guaranteed, and the loss of the goods in the storage link can be reduced or eliminated.

6, to ensure the quality of stored goods, you can take moisture, dust, security, anti-damage and other measures to improve the quality of material storage;

7, to meet the modern enterprise's low-cost, low-loss, high-efficiency logistics supply chain management needs.

8, large bearing capacity, not easily deformed, reliable connection, easy disassembly, diversification.

Therefore, storage racks have played a huge role in the development of modern industry. With the development of modern industrial civilization, the structure and function of storage racks are constantly improving.

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