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Detailed structure characteristics of cantilever shelves

- Mar 26, 2018 -

Due to its structural characteristics, cantilever shelves are more suitable for storing long and large cargoes. There are two types of cargo access methods. One is manual access, and the other is mechanical (forklift or truck) access. However, with different methods of cargo access, the cantilevered shelf height design is different.


       Cantilever shelf can be divided into light weight type, middle measurement weight, and weight type according to the bearing capacity; and can be divided into single-side cantilever shelves and double-sided cantilever shelves according to the structural forms. In many cases, the height of the cantilever shelf is determined by the access method and the height of the warehouse, and the space utilization rate is 35% to 50%.


Different access methods, cantilever rack height:


(1) Manual access to goods is ≤ 2500mm.


(2) Forklift access ≤ 6000mm.


       The cantilever shelf is composed of a base, a column, a cantilever, a connecting rod, etc. The cantilever is mounted on the column and can be either fixed or movable. Among them, the column (pillar height ≤ 6000mm) using C-shaped steel; cantilever (≤ 1500mm cantilever length, each arm load ≤ 1000kg) using square tube; base cold-rolled steel or H-shaped steel; connecting rod made of rectangular tubes. Cantilever shelves are suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods, and are used in machinery manufacturing industries and building materials supermarkets.


       Cantilever Rack Other Features:


(1) The overall stability is good and the carrying capacity is good.


(2) Cost of shelf costs is low.


(3) Adjustable columns can be used to adjust the shelf spacing or increase or decrease the partitions.

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