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China Industrial racking

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Industrial racking refers to industrial enterprises dedicated storage equipment. Different from ordinary racking, industrial racking have developed into a unique form and function of modern storage equipment. Industrial racking are the basis of scientific storage and rapid transportation of enterprise products, and the continuous innovation and development of shelves and modern mechanical storage and transportation equipment technology have satisfied the high demand of logistics chain of enterprises. Its structure and design layout will bring scientific inventory management and direct benefit promotion to enterprises. is not negligible profit growth point, this theory has been widely recognized.

The main role of industrial racking is two points

1 double increase the inventory capacity of the limited area; (different shelf structure has different space utilization, reasonable shelf structure form and layout based on the type of goods, the management requirements of the goods, the type of warehouse and the types of mechanical storage and transportation equipment, etc.)

Narrow roadway racking

2 storage and transshipment speed meet supply chain requirements. (Different goods and goods in bulk specify different supply chain and supply chain rate, general industrial storage racking or automated three-dimensional inventory system can be completely district with different supply chain rate requirements)

The development of industrial racking plays an important role in the development of modern industry. It is an indispensable part of the overall enterprise planning.

Shelf Manufacturers and dosage

In 2006, there were about 120 industrial racking in China, with shelves producing more than 40% in 2005, but the output value was not as big as 2005, and the market value was about $1.8 billion. 2007, the total output of about 320,000 tons, production value of about 3 billion yuan. 2008, Automatic Warehouse (/) shelf production will be flat with 2007, due to steel price factors, shelf output growth of 1.25%; forklift pallet shelves and their extended shelves, shelf-shelf output will increase by 1.2% compared to 2007, due to steel price factors, output will increase by 1.25%.

Industrial racking national standards

GB/T 28576-2012 industrial racking design calculation

GB/T 28577-2012 Cold chain logistics classification and basic requirements

GB/T 28578-2012 publication Logistics Interface Operation specification

GB/T 28579-2012 publication Logistics return operation specification

GB/T 28580-2012 Port Logistics Service Quality Specification

GB/T 28581-2012 General Warehouse and Reservoir area planning design parameters

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