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Causes and avoidance methods of cold storage shelf deformation

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  Causes and avoidance methods of cold storage shelf deformation

  Shelves are used to carry heavy objects, once the problem of deformation, people are very vexed. Customers in the face of the problem of cold storage shelf deformation, the general will first question the supplier, why your cold storage shelf quality so poor, why deformation and so on. So as a cold storage shelf supplier, should answer the customer, the cold storage shelf deformation is completely supplier's fault? Here are some reasons to analyze the possible causes of cold storage shelf deformation.

  1. Cargo weight exceeding cold storage shelf load capacity

  Goods placed over the cold storage shelf capacity, that is, shelves at the time of purchase, the warehouse shelves manufacturers will be based on the cargo layer to select the corresponding material, and if in actual use, the weight of the shelves of goods in excess of the maximum load carrying weight, the shelves will be deformed.

  2. Uneven arrangement of goods

  Uneven distribution of weight can result in the deformation of shelves; for example, when placing goods, the weight of each layer of cargo is concentrated in the middle part, and neither side has the weight of the load on the floor, which will certainly cause the cold storage shelf deformation.

  3. Collision causes deformation

  Improper handling equipment operation, sometimes, the use of units in the use of handling equipment such as forklifts to the cargo operation, due to the driver's problems, will lead to the forklift truck hit shelves, resulting in cold storage shelf deformation.

  4. Supplier Jerry-Building

  Material selection of improper reasons, customers in the purchase of shelves, the inevitable will encounter some poor cold storage shelf manufacturers, jerry-building, so that the cold storage shelf deformation.

  So how to avoid cold storage shelf deformation?

  1, the purchase of shelves, to choose a reliable cold storage shelf suppliers, must follow the design of the basic principles, according to the load requirements, the selection of high-quality steel, to prevent unscrupulous suppliers jerry-building.

  2, the use of shelves, should be strictly in accordance with the cold storage shelf load capacity to put goods, do not overload, the goods evenly distributed on the shelves, to avoid the goods placed in the same position;

  In general, the cold storage shelf deformation from the shelves of manufacturers and use to find the reason, purchase shelves when the choice of professional cold storage shelf manufacturers, from the source to eliminate the possibility of cold storage shelf deformation; at the same time, the user in the use of shelves in the process should be strictly in accordance with the use of requirements and precautions to operate, to avoid man-made negligence to make shelves deformation.

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