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Automated warehouse system, also known as automatic storage/retrieval SystemAutomated warehouse system, also known as automatic storage/retrieval System

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Automated warehouse system, also known as automatic storage/retrieval system, namely/(Automated storage/retrieval Systems), the use of high shelf storage of goods, the full use of warehouse space, thus saving the footprint, improve the space utilization rate. At present, the most widely used, strong adaptability is the unit cargo format warehouse, but in this warehouse roadway accounted for about one-third of the area. In order to improve the utilization of storage space and achieve the purpose of storing more goods, the high density automatic storage system has developed gradually in recent years, for example: Gravity racking warehouse and shuttle-type racking warehouse.

In a gravity-racking warehouse, the shelves are lined with aisles, and each channel is an inventory channel, and with a certain degree of slope, from the end of the warehouse loaded cargo unit can be in the role of self weight, automatically to the end of the library to move, until the end of the channel out of the library or to meet the storage of the cargo unit stopped, the channel out of the library end with a stop device. When the first cargo unit of the library is taken away, the various cargo units behind it are filled in order by gravity. Structurally, in order to ensure the flexibility of this warehouse system, each inventory aisle is required to set up a device for reducing friction, such as adding rollers to the shelves, or storing pallets with rollers.

Shuttle-Type Shelves warehouse, shelves are also connected to the channel arrangement, each channel is also a stock channel, but there is no slope, each channel is equipped for the shuttle vehicle to run the track, shuttle car in the roadway reciprocating operation, automatic access and removal of goods, improve logistics efficiency, and the shuttle can and stacker, automatic forklift or AGV cooperation, Automatic exchange between different columns, different layers and different channels, more flexible scheduling and higher degree of automation.

The core equipment of the shuttle-type racking warehouse is the shuttle bus. The shuttle vehicle is also called the track type automatic guidance Vehicle (rail guide vehicle), has the fast speed, the high reliability, the low cost characteristic, it is the three-dimensional storehouse important equipment, and with other logistics equipment realizes the automatic connection, such as outbound platform, buffer station, conveyor, elevator and robot, Carry out material transportation according to plan. The traveling speed of the shuttle car determines the logistics efficiency of the whole warehouse, and the power supply mode of the shuttle, the ability of continuous traveling and so on, decides the difficulty of the installation and construction of the racking warehouse, the intelligence degree of the shuttle car determines the intellectualized degree of the shelf warehouse and the difficulty of design. Therefore, for the shuttle-type Racking warehouse system, the shuttle car itself is worth studying and improving.

At present, the three-dimensional warehouse is gradually developing to the direction of high dynamic application-the requirement of storage of warehouse is more and more high, and the frequency of picking, conveying and storing is more and more high, so the shuttle trolley is the hot spot of research in recent years.

In foreign countries, the research of the shelves shuttle car started earlier, around 2005, Ylog, Dematic, TGW and other logistics giants launched their own shelves shuttle car, and in the past few years to continue to optimize, has been introduced to upgrade the version of the shelves shuttle car, in the speed of operation, flexibility, the level of intelligence has been significantly improved. The running speed of the foreign shuttle car is generally above 4m/s, and the path planning system can be used to plan the complex path. In China, the research of the shuttle trolley is still in its infancy, and the shuttle vehicle system is used less, and the shuttle car supplier is few. Domestic shuttle car performance relative to the foreign giants of the product there is a big gap. The running speed of domestic shuttle car is generally under the faster, the intelligence degree is low, most of the path planning relies on the software of the library system to assist the completion.

Based on the current development of domestic shuttle vehicle, China's logistics equipment industry urgently needs to research high-speed (4m/s above speed) Intelligent shelves Shuttle vehicle positioning technology, in order to promote the development of domestic intelligent warehousing industry. After the market investigation and technical discussion, we mainly study the following indexes of the pallet shuttle vehicle.

Faster speed

The faster speed of the shuttle means that more and more times of the unit time to take the goods, directly related to the logistics efficiency of the entire storage system. At present, the average speed of most shelves is about faster, through market research and technical evaluation, we are expected to upgrade the pace of the shuttle car to 4m/s.

Faster speed means larger motor power and energy consumption, and the heavier the weight of the motor, the heavier the weight of the whole body, while the heavier the body requires a greater drive power, resulting in a vicious circle. So the speed increase is a big challenge for the shuttle.

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