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Analysis of the similarities and differences between loft-type shelves and steel platforms

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  Analysis of the similarities and differences between loft-type shelves and steel platforms

  Loft-type shelf steel platform shelves are supported by supporting parts, in the limited land area, from the height of the direction of I to improve the utilization of the site, so as to improve the storage capacity and the use of the site. But even if the two are the same, but there is a little different, this article will start from all aspects, analysis of loft-style shelves and steel platform similarities and differences.

  The same point

  1, loft shelves and steel platforms, can be built into two or three floors, and in addition to the bottom, the other floors can be paved with steel plate, so that carts and staff to walk on the floor;

  2, both need to design staircases, and all need to be equipped with cargo unloading port, so as to facilitate the use of personnel at any time to deploy goods;

  3, both can be in accordance with the needs of the interior of the shelves set up office areas;

  4, the two are all assembled with the structure, easy disassembly;

  5, in accordance with the needs of customers, in the shelves to increase the lighting system, convenient for enterprises to work at night;

  II. Different points

  1, loft-style shelves are the beam-type shelves or medium-sized shelves for support, while the steel platform is the H-beam and other profiles support;

  2, the design of the floor, loft-type shelves can be designed according to the requirements of the network layer plate, steel plate, and steel platform is usually galvanized plate;

  3. Under the same area, the cost of the steel platform will be higher than that of the attic shelves;

  4, due to the different structure, steel platform using primary and secondary beams and H-beam, etc., will be more robust than the shelf-supported loft-style shelves.

  However, although the two have similarities and differences, but in the use of the process, both can achieve the same role, only from the two applicable industries, so, specifically designed to what type, or according to customer specific use needs, so as to achieve a radish pit effect.

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