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Analysis of Features of Drive-in Rack

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Analysis of Features of Drive-in Rack. Drive-in shelves, also known as through-shelf or hallway shelves. Is a non-channeling, continuous, entire shelf that, on a supporting  rail, holds the pallets in the depth direction, one after the other,  making high-density storage possible.

Access to goods from the same side of the shelf, and follow the "pre-existing deposit principle." Balance weight and reach truck can easily enter the shelves corridor center access to goods. Colonnaded shelves because of the larger storage density, so the  overall capital outlay is relatively low; for a small number of large  number of goods access forms can be reserved, often used to store a  large number of the same type of goods.

Because  of its high storage density, higher utilization of the aboveground  space, shelves commonly used in cold storage costs such as high local  storage. Corridor-style shelves are suitable for those types of goods but small storage of large storage applications. Forklift can freely access the corridor between the shelves so that the warehouse to maximize the use.

The  baying rack adopts pallet access mode, which is suitable for storing  single and large quantities of goods. Compared with the pallet rack, the  warehouse usage rate can reach about 80%, the warehouse space  utilization rate can be increased by more than 30%, which is the highest  storage power Shelves. On  the support rails, the pallets are stored in the depth direction, one  after the other, with access to the same side of the shelf,  pre-existing, post-stock, counterbalance, and reach truck access to the  shelf center Goods. The  capital cost is relatively low, suitable for large horizontal scale,  less type, larger number, commonly used to store a large number of the  same type of goods, because of its high storage density on the ground  space utilization is higher, commonly used in cold storage, food,  tobacco Storage costs such as higher storage space.

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