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In case of rainstorm and flood, what kinds of shelves can be used to avoid the loss?

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Can the automatic storage system be used in case of rainstorms and floods?

This week's rainstorm across the country caused a certain loss to many warehouses, especially the warehouses with traditional racks and shelves, which the low position to be flooded to a large extent. On the contrary, the higher the height of the warehouse shelves, the smaller the loss. But the shelf height is too high, it will be difficult to control, at this time, the automatic racking system will play a role.

automatic storage system

The reason that the automated pallet racking system can solve the problem of rainstorms and floods is that its operation time is free and it can be controlled remotely. In the case of a rainstorm, the cargo position shall be adjusted to the high level of the shelf in time to avoid the damage caused by the flood.

The automatic racking system project of Weida intelligent storage in Nanjing LG new energy warehouse, in the night of rainstorm, the temporary overtime staff quickly adjusted the cargo storage position through the system provided by our party to ensure that the main product new energy battery has no contact with the water level, greatly reducing the risk of loss caused by the rainstorm.

Combined with the rationalization of the high-level warehouse, the automation of storage and access, and the simplicity of operation, the automatic storage system must be the general trend of future storage. 

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