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How to Maintain the Mezzanine Racking System?

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The correct maintenance for the mezzanine racking system will make it used for ten years or even longer, but some customers have no concept of how to properly maintain mezzanine platform products. Now, we will take you to learn more about the proper maintenance ways of the mezzanine structure. 


Maintenance method of mezzanine system


1. Don't store heavy items

There are load-bearing restrictions on the mezzanine platform. If the load exceeds the load, the shelf will be deformed and damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the weight of the mezzanine racking system before purchasing it. In order to avoid overweight, it is necessary to estimate the weight of the product before storage.


2. Clean regularly

When the industrial mezzanine floor is used for the stored, In order to ensure privacy, the warehouse will generally choose a place with relatively good concealment, and it will not be open for a long time. Therefore, the internal air humidity is relatively high, and there may be some dust when it is stored for a long time. The surrounding environment should be cleaned regularly. At the same time, the surface of the warehouse should be wiped with a dry cloth to avoid the acid-base substances in the dust Its surface is corroded. These will affect the quality of the mezzanine racking system.


3. Apply oil regularly

The material used in the mezzanine platform is metal, which has many advantages, but it also has some defects. Because the metal is stored in the humid air for a long time, corrosion will inevitably occur, and corrosion is inevitable. Once this situation is found, sesame oil can be applied to the corroded place to alleviate the corrosion.


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