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How to Calculate the Warehouse Pallet Shelving Systems Price?

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When purchasing commercial shelving systems, the biggest problem is how to calculate the price. How to give preferential treatment while meeting the bearing capacity and meet the user demand. If you want to know the warehouse pallet shelves price, the first thing is to sure which kind of storage shelf can meet the needs of customers, and then calculate the shelves' number of the home according to the size of the warehouse area. 

If it is an exact quantity, Weida, a professional warehouse storage racks manufacturers in China, can directly calculate an accurate price of warehouse pallet storage racks. If you only know the size of the warehouse and don't know what kind of storage shelf can save cost, Weida can make a planning drawing and select a satisfactory scheme to quote. There is no fixed value for the warehouse shelving solutions cost.

Each storage shelf factory's method of calculating storage shelf cost is not the same. Some storage shelf factories calculate by meter, some by square, some by weight. Weida is a professional warehouse racking manufacturers. When quoting to customers, our quotation staff will seriously consider the customer's demand, give the exact placement scheme, and then give the user's quotation. Moreover, the cost of warehouse storage shelves is related to the material, specification, and material thickness of the storage rack. 

In addition, there is a major factor: labor cost. If a storage shelf structure is very simple and can be done in a very short time, then the cost of the storage shelf is relatively low. If a storage shelf structure is very complex, even if the specification is small, the labor costs are high, then the storage shelf price is very high. In addition, the higher the storage shelf, the greater the production and installation requirements. The greater the difficulty, and the higher the price.

Weida is a Top 10 warehouse storage racks manufacturers in China, offering drive-in pallet racking systems, cantilever shelving systems, automated warehouse picking system, and radio shuttle racking system. If you have any needs, please contact us now!

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