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Four-way Radio Shuttle Racking System

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The four-way radio shuttle racking system is equipped with six parts: intensive rack, four-way (vertical and horizontal) shuttle vehicle, elevator, conveying system, WMS management system, and WCs scheduling system. This system is an upgraded version of the intelligent intensive warehouse of the stacking confidential centralized warehouse system and the intensive warehouse system of the parent and child vehicles. The warehouse radio systems are controlled by the computer system scheduling, and the goods are placed in the designated position through the horizontal and vertical travel of the vertical and horizontal vehicles. The elevator is responsible for the high-level transport of goods and the layer change operation of the vertical and horizontal vehicles. Finally, the logistics docking between the warehouse area and the outside of the warehouse is completed through the ground transport system.

radio shuttle racking system

The advantages of radio shuttle racking system

These warehouse radio systems can realize the flexibility of storage and the flexibility of efficiency. The storage depth can be divided freely according to the needs. The storage efficiency can change with the number of devices, and the fixed device quantity can also change with the scheduling. The shuttle storage system greatly facilitates the flexible storage needs of different customers. Compared with other automatic storage systems, this system has the advantages of good security, low comprehensive cost, large storage capacity and high efficiency. The warehouse shuttle system is especially suitable for food, cold chain, medicine, chemical industry, and other production logistics fields.

The introduction of four-way (vertical and horizontal) shuttle vehicle

1. Structure

As the core part of the four-way radio shuttle racking system, the vehicle mainly consists of frame combination, electrical system, power supply system, drive system, jacking system, sensor system, etc. It consists of two sets of driving systems and two sets of jacking systems. The two sets of driving systems are responsible for XY two directions of travel. The two sets of jacking systems, one of which is responsible for the lifting of goods, the other is responsible for the switching of primary and secondary channel drive. The height direction can be changed through a customized elevator to implement the role of vertical and horizontal cars, thus realizing the storage and access function of three-dimensional space.

warehouse shuttle system

2. Specification 


  Basic data




  Matched Pallet

  L:1200mm  W:1000mm

  Maximum Loading


  The main working way

  Maximum Speed

  Without loading:2.0m/s,

  Full loading:1.0m/s


  Brushless servo system

  The secondary working way

  Maximum Speed

  Without loading:1.0m/s,

  Full loading:0.8m/s


  Brushless servo system

  Goods Jack-up




  48VDC  500W   


  The working way Jack-up




  48VDC    800W   


The main

Working way / Position mode

  Working way: The barcode position             


The secondary


way / Position mode

  Working Position:   Photoelectric + encoder


  Pallet Position: Laser + photo electricity           


  Jack-up Position: approach switch          


  Remote Control

  Operating frequency 433MHZ, communication   distance of at least 100 meters

  Power Supply

  lithium battery  

  Battery parameters

  48V,40AH, Usage time ≥8h, charging time 3h, recharging   times: 1000 times


  Control Mode

  WCS   Dispatch or remote control


  Operating noise level


  The coating requirements

  Rack assembly (black), jacking mechanism,   battery box and control cabinet RAL7035(light gray)

  Environmental temperature

  Temperature:   0℃ ~ 50℃

Humidity:   5% ~ 95% (no condensation)


The standard operation

shuttle pallet racking

1. Goods in     

2. Pallet positioning    

3. Entrance   

4. Out transfer

5. Storage check

6. Charge

7. Levels change

Two storage modes

Filo mode: it is only arranged on one side of the shelf, and the goods are only accessed from one side of the roadway.

FIFO mode: the tray enters from one end and exits from the other end, which can realize the time access of materials.

The Introduction of customized elevator equipment

elevator of shuttle racking system

1. The elevator is compatible with cargo lifting and crossbar changing function.

2. The load is large and the settlement is small, which can meet the requirements of direct loading and unloading of vertical and horizontal vehicles.

3. The space occupied by the top and bottom is small, making great use of the warehouse space.

4. The operation speed is fast, up to 60m / min, which greatly improves efficiency. 


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