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Drive In/Drive Through Pallet Racking System
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Best Drive In Storage System

The drive in storage system is a high-density storage solution, offering cost-effective, high-density storage. It maximizes available space and height in the warehouse by reducing the forklift operating aisles. Drive in/drive through racking system is used with forklifts and pallet jacks. The loads are supported by rails that are attached to upright frames. Lift trucks enter from either side to access pallets through the uprights. 

Drive through storage system uses the LIFO method for picking inventory – last in, first out. Similarly, drive-thru racking provides good storage capacity but allows access from both ends. Drive through racking uses the FIFO method of retrieval – first in, first out. Both drive-in and drive-thru racks make efficient use of storage space. They are made up of an easy-to-assemble and -reset modular structure, which makes it easy to maintain. This compact system is appropriate where space utilization is more important than the selectivity of stored loads.

Drive in storage system is installed in warehouses and distribution centers that need a cost-effective, high-density storage solution for their pallets and products. With the drive-in racking system, pallets are placed so they can slide backward on a rail, thus storing them more deeply and creating more space in the warehouse. It is the optimal and most common pallet storage system when you need to store homogeneous products with a large number of pallets of the same reference.

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Main Parts of Best Drive In Storage System


● Upright Frame: the major support structure for the whole system, consist of the upright post, diagonal bracing/horizontal bracing, row spacer, etc
● Top Beam: on the top of each bay to hold the complete drive-in racking system
● Top Bracing: X style bracing on top of each bay, connect by turnbuckle or bults & nuts.
● Double Support Arm: used in the additional bay to hold pallet rail (support arm rail)
● Single Support Arm: used in start bay and end bay to hold pallet rail(support arm rail)
● Support Arm Rail: the pallet rail which holds the pallets in racking system
● Post Protector: to protect forklift from the damage to the post, this is a very important component for drive-in racking safety.
● Floor Guide Rai: this rail is to guide the forklift driver to move safely in the racking system. It can stop forklift wheels before hit the racking system. This is an additional component but we suggest it used in each drive-in racking and drive-through racking project.

Types of China Drive Through Storage System

● Single entry drive in: 
Forklift access on one side only. This is known as standard drive-in racking.


● Double entry drive in: 
Forklift access on both sides of racking. This can maximum space usage and easy product accessibility from two separate sides.


● Drive through
Free access from both sides allows materials to be stored from one end and retrieved from the other. Double entry was designed to allow access to pallets from the backside of the rack system as well as the front. A large beam in the center of the structure holds all of the racks together. 


The Advantages of Best Drive In Storage System


● Store very large quantities of homogeneous products
● Minimized pallet cost per square foot
● A wide variety of heights and depths to meet any storage requirement 
● Can be integrated with pushback pallet rack to form a combination system 
● Provides a greater capacity in existing cubic space than any other storage method
● Multiple configurations options, including LIFO/FIFO (last in, first out/first in, first out) 
● Reduction in warehouse space required, lower costs, and holds more loads due to increased storage density 

The Applications of China Drive Through Storage System

● Cold Storage
● Food & Beverage
● Grocery
● Manufacturers with limited SKU counts
● Producers with limited product variation, date segregated production or batch production


The Considerations of Drive In Storage System

● The depth of the system is only restricted to the available space and the quantity and size of the pallets.
● The height of the system is limited by the height of the building and the maximum lift of the truck and the pallet size.
● The front column should be reinforced with a double column which will help against damage of trucks.
● It is critical to have quality wooden pallets where the bottom boards are not damaged and of consistent size so that they can be safely stored in the system.
● If pallets are of poor quality a slave pallet should be used for safety.
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