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Case of Heavy-duty Shelving System in Jiangsu Chemical Industry

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Project information: A company in Jiangsu was founded in November 2007 and is a high-tech private enterprise invested and constructed by a company in Zhejiang.

Customer Address: Rudong, Jiangsu

Project Type: heavy-duty industrial shelving racks

Project background: The company has a registered capital of 136.9 million yuan and covers an area of 200 acres. It is a nationally designated pesticide manufacturer. The leading products include bromoxynil octanoyl, thiadione, bromophenate, propamocarb hydrochloride, clodinafop-propargyl, oxyfluorfen, and other pesticide products and preparations, as well as p-cyanophene Pesticide intermediates such as cyclobromine and bromoxynil


More than 70% of the company's products are sold to the international market, and it is an important global pesticide manufacturer and supplier. Large scale means a large consumption of raw materials and mass production of finished products. Large storage of materials and convenient turnover is what customers have been determined to do. Other warehouses already have shelves in use. This project customer has a plan, so please ask us for a price and follow the process.


The quotation is easy, but our aim is to understand the actual needs of customers and the cooperation between the products and the site. Therefore, after repeated communication with our company, the customer asked us to go to the site and put forward more reasonable suggestions. After repeated communication, the customer adopted our heavy-duty racking scheme. After coming to our company for on-site inspection, we reached a cooperation intention with our company.

heavy duty steel storage rack

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