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Cantilever Storage Racks in the Metallurgy and Mineral Industry

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Item Type: Heavy duty cantilever racks

Industry: Metallurgical and mineral industry


Background of the project:

The customer contacted us through the website and needed to customize a batch of cantilever shelves. The customer has never used the shelf and lacks knowledge of the shelf. There are product quality, workmanship, use, and technical safety issues with cantilever shelves. Our technicians gave detailed explanations to customers one by one on-site and took customers to visit some of our project cases.


In the communication of technical design, we have always focused on safety, and we have made statistics on the weight and size of each product with customers on-site. Communicating with customers to achieve consistency, all products are designed with high requirements for the load-bearing capacity of the single cantilever of the shelf. In addition, we have also made statistics on the size of each product and confirmed the height of each layer of the shelf. At the same time, detailed data statistics were made for the storage area of the on-site shelves, mainly heavy duty cantilever shelves.



The overall plan is designed and produced. Since half of the customers' products have a relatively large in and out rate, we have undergone many communications and modifications. Our professionalism and expertise on the shelf make customers highly praise us. At the same time, we have increased the use of on-site shelves for customers, increased the number of products placed by 300%, and eliminated the previously scattered phenomenon.


The customer introduced us to the company's leadership, and we communicated with the leadership and understand that they still don't know the shelf concept very well. Customer have talked with us in the early stage to do a part first to see the use effect. If the overall effect is good, then we will transform the finished product warehouse and raw material warehouse in the later stage. The design of heavy-duty racks and laminate racks in the later stage are entrusted to us.


Project Acceptance:

The installation will be performed 25 days after the contract is signed, and the installation will be completed within 5 days. Teach the warehouse staff how to operate. The warehouse managers, purchasing department, and leaders used are very satisfied with the after-sales service and very satisfied with the entire batch of shelves.


heavy duty cantilever racks

heavy duty cantilever shelving

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