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AS/RS Storage System
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China ASRS Storage System

An automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS or AS/RS) is a type or genre of warehouse automation technology specifically designed to buffer, store, and retrieve product and inventory on demand. It consists of a variety of computer-controlled systems for automatically placing and retrieving loads from defined storage locations. The loads can be standard loads as well as nonstandard loads.

The system is just an automated system that operates under computerized control, maintaining an inventory of stored items. It is designed for automated storage and retrieval of parts and items in manufacturing, distribution, retail, wholesale, and institutions. China ASRS storage system not only can efficiently and securely store items in a compact footprint but also allows users to easily and quickly retrieve items when needed.

The China automated storage retrieval system is most commonly used in manufacturing and distribution facilities. Storing with AS/RS means accurate, real-time data is kept on the inventory, eliminating the need for physical inventory inspections and also providing direct access to items at all times. Utilizing the system increases throughput and efficiency, saves space - because they typically replace large areas of shelving to save floor space, improves safety, and reduces building costs. 


ASRS storage system has quickly become a huge part of tons of industries. While automated pallet racking system is most often seen in warehouses and manufacturing facilities, they are being adapted for more and more applications across the board due to the countless advantages they offer towards better storage, security, ergonomics, inventory control, and much more.  


As China automated storage and retrieval system manufacturer, Weida's flexible automated storage retrieval system ensures the ability to adapt to changing market conditions now and in the future. We offer profound market knowledge amassed over many years of firsthand experience implementing warehouse solutions within a variety of industries. Weida supplies automated warehouse solutions to manufacturers and distributors utilizing a variety of loads (unit, layer, or extra-large) within various temperature ranges for both non-rack and rack supported structures.

Main Parts of China ASRS Warehouse System

 The cargo storage and delivery system

The cargo storage and delivery system assumes the functions of cargo storage and delivery. It consists of elevators, in-and-out conveyors, loading and unloading machinery, etc. The elevator can realize the multi-layer storage of goods and lift the goods to a high-rise position. According to the characteristics of the goods, the in-and-out conveyor can use a conveyor belt conveyor, motorized roller table, or chain drive conveyor, etc., which mainly transports the goods to the shelf position that elevators up and down. The loading and unloading machinery is responsible for the loading and unloading of goods in and out of the warehouse. It is generally composed of loading and unloading machinery such as trucks and forklifts.

 Warehouse Control System

The control and management system generally adopts computer control and management and adopts different control methods depending on the different conditions of the automatic rotating shelves. Some warehouses only adopt single PLC control of rotating shelves and in-and-out conveyors, and the machine has no contact with another machine. Some warehouses control every single machine through networking. The more advanced automatic rotating rack control system adopts centralized control, separate control and distributed control, that is, the control system is composed of a management computer, a central control computer, and a programmable controller that is directly controlled by rotating racks and in-and-out transportation. 

The central control computer is the control center for automatic rotating shelves. It communicates and coordinate management of the computer, rotating shelves, in-and-out conveyors, etc ., controls and monitors the operation of the entire automatic rotating shelves, organizes processes according to commands from the management computer or automatic keyboard, monitors the operation status of on-site equipment and the status of on-site equipment, monitors the flow of goods and display of receipts and shipments, communicates with the management computer, stacker and on-site equipment, and also has the functions of fault detection and query display of equipment.


Types of Best ASRS Storage System

● Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs)

VLMs consist of a column of trays in the front and back of the module with an automatic inserter/extractor in the center that stores and retrieves the required trays.


● Vertical Buffer Modules (VBMs)

A cost-effective, tote handling system consisting of an enclosed shelving system with a movable mast in the center. It stores and retrieves totes, delivering them to an ergonomic picking station or automatically delivering them via an outbound conveyor.


● Vertical Carousels

Vertical carousels are like vertical lifts, but the system rotates like a Ferris wheel instead of a lift. They deliver stored items safely and quickly to the desired position. Vertical carousels can be installed with built-in drawers, trays, partitioned carriers, bins, intermediate shelves, and more, and can be locked for extra security. They are ideal for applications with lower ceilings and for storing relatively uniformly-sized small or medium parts and materials.


● Horizontal Carousels

Horizontal carousels provide accuracy, speed, and space savings. Instead of workers having to walk and search for parts, rotating bins are automatically delivered to them so several orders can even be processed at the same time. Moreover, the horizontal carousels could substantially reduce the amount of labor required since they automate many picking tasks. Horizontal carousels are the ideal solution for parts workflow or buildings with low ceilings that may not be able to accommodate a vertical lift module or vertical carousel.

● Crane Based Mini Load AS/RS

With a single, crane-mounted load handling device dedicated to each extremely dense storage aisle, mini-loads handle loads in cases, totes or trays.


● Floor Robots

This solution stores inventory on portable storage shelving that is retrieved and transported from storage to an operator access area by a fleet of autonomous, mobile robots.


The Advantages of China ASRS Storage System

● Efficiency

The best automated storage retrieval system brings requested items directly to the operator through the convenient height and shortest possible route. This cuts time which the operator lost to walking, searching, lifting, and bending activities, along with reducing operator fatigue and work-related injuries. Typically, picking productivity can be increased by up to 2/3.


● Improved Pick Accuracy

The system uses pick to light technology to direct the operator to the exact location of the stored item, achieving 99.9% pick accuracy rates. 



● Increases throughput capabilities and space savings

Maximize the use of floor space and ceiling height inside existing buildings, and more efficient use of space, which is especially important for operations with no room to expand the footprint or in locations with high land prices.


● Low cost

The automated warehouse picking system requires 2/3 less labor to operate when compared to manual shelving, which lower labor and other operating costs; reduce or avoid capital expenditures for building expansion or new construction.


● Low maintenance

All units are compact and reliable, ensuring long-term use and operational safety


● Greater Inventory Control

Automated pallet racking system manages inventory so you always know what you have and more importantly - where it is.  


● Security

User rights and group rights can be controlled and managed. Transactions can be monitored and provide real-time inventory data. Improved ergonomics and safety, resulting in fewer accidents.


The Applications of Best ASRS Warehouse System

● Automotive and electronics parts storage
● Chemicals and pharmaceutical storage
● Mechanical engineering
● MRO & maintenance parts storage
● Healthcare logistics, IV bags, pharmaceuticals, glass slide, blocks, and more
● Through floor applications to streamline material flow & retrieval
● Maximize storage at the point of need on production lines
● Small parts kitting and batch picking
● Controlled temperature refrigerated storage
● Cleanroom storage
● Tool storage


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