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Warehouse Pallet Flow Racking System

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We are professional manufacturer located in Nanjing China with decades of years of history. OEM and ODM service is available with us. You are welcome to contact us for inquiry.
Warehouse heavy duty mold rack die storage drawer shelf

Mould Die Storage Drawer Rack
Mould Die Storage Drawer Rack is designed for storing and managing heavy dies and molds. A work cell environment is created which allows a single operator to handle the molds and dies. It is quick to access and retrieve and also improves the safety of handlings the molds and dies. It optimizes storage space and creates room for other facilities.
Three shelf configurations are available: Standard Single Entry which can be extended up to 63% in one direction, Double Entry shelves which can be extended up to 63% in two directions, and Super glide 2, a two-stage extending system which gives 100% access to the shelf area.

Slide rack is widely used in work plants of machinery industries. To work with crane will enhance the work efficiency. For tools are often very heavy and small in size, so the draw-out design makes tools easier be taken out. So it makes access work convenient.
Warehouse heavy duty mold rack die storage drawer shelf
More details

Item number Mould Die Storage Rack
Material steel
shelf Drawable,  half open or fully open
Standard size L3000*W625*H2000mm,can be customized at any size
Loading capactiy 1 ton-1.5 ton, customizable
drawer mould rack for tooling using Storage mould
Surface treatment Powder coated
color Blue, Yellow,Green or as your like
upright post 100*50MM square tube, #10 channel steel
upright post  spacer 2.0MM cold roll steel
Drawer material 2.0MM cold roll steel
accessoires overhead travelling crane and chain block

Warehouse Heavy Duty Mold Rack Die Storage Drawer Shelf

The basic essential factor for designing of heavy duty pallet racking and warehouse:
First, cargo and pallet:
1. Cargo weight (including pallet or steel box pallet).
2. the size of pallet and cargo.
3. the direction as the fork lifter enters the pallet to deposit and withdrawal cargo.
Second, forks lifter:
* model or technical parameter of Forklift.
* biggest height of lift and the shortest distance for the channel to be used of forklift.
Third, warehouse:
1. the plane size of warehouse.
2. the only high can be used of warehouse.
3. the direction and the request as cargo enter the storehouse.

Warehouse Heavy Duty Mold Rack Die Storage Drawer Shelf

We ensure the most productive warehouse pallet rack solution is provided whether working from your plans or developing a cost-effective layout that is just right for your needs. You are assured of the best designed, most efficient and safest racking.

We also supply accessories like collumn guard, barrier, decking panel, adjustable base plate, wire mesh plate, truck rail etc, and other material handling equipment for warehouse storage.

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Weixun intelligent & Weida logistics are both subsidiaries of Weixun group.
Jiangsu Weixun intelligent is one of the early intelligent warehouse logistics system equipment manufacturers in China.
We have the full line-ups of  racking, shelving and their matched products including  long span shelving, selective pallet rack, drive in rack, mezzanine rack and etc.
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