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Steel Storage Cages

The storage cage has the advantages of fixed storage capacity, neat stacking, clear storage, easy inventory, and so on, and also improves the effective utilization rate of storage space. In addition, the metal storage cages for sale are strong, durable, and convenient. In transportation, the large metal storage cage can be reused, can effectively reduce labor consumption and packaging costs in warehousing enterprises.
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  • L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union
  • 5000 PCS / Month

Weixun is a leading supplier to businesses across China for all types of storage cages on wheels. Our portfolio includes a number of security storage cage on wheels as well as a number of jumbo storage cage on wheels. We have a versatile range of products to suit your needs. We are able to deliver the goods within a few working days of order. Weixun can add different wheels to the steel storage cages to protect delicate floors from marking. We can add straps to the cage to help secure the items within the storage cage during transport. Whatever your need we have it covered.

Commonly used type

There are three commonly used storage cages: 

● A wheeled storage cage used for turnover

● With foot storage, the mesh storage cage can be stacked can be on the shelf, 

● A wheel with a foot storage cage can be dual-use.

Wire storage cages advantages

●  Storage cages store goods at a glance.

●  Each storage cage can be numbered to facilitate the inventory of the warehouse.

●  Storage cages can be stacked up to four stories high to save warehouse space.

●  The metal pallet cage can cooperate with forklifts, elevators, cranes, and other equipment, which can be used for transportation, handling, loading, and unloading, suitable for all aspects of logistics.

●  The steel cages for storage are spot welded with strong steel bars, and the bottom of the storage cage is welded with U-shaped channel steel to strengthen the structure. The storage cage is easy to operate, widely used, and has a long service life.

The application of wire mesh storage cages

Warehouse storage cage can be widely used in various industries: die-casting, forging, auto parts, motorcycle parts, metal stamping parts, construction machinery parts, metal products, pipe fittings, gear, construction sanitary parts, lighting, furniture, toys, postal logistics, pharmaceutical logistics, supermarket, catering, food, agricultural and sideline products.


Our services

We provide professional OEM/ODM services:

1) We assist you from design to installation to make a storage system that most suits you.

2) Free but professional CAD drawings that meet your specific&requirements

3) Online communication via Whatsapp, Skype, mail, or phone/fax

4) Installation instruction and other after-sales services.

Time Limit Promotion 20% off Forklift Foldable Metal Roll Cage Pallet
Time Limit Promotion 20% off Forklift Foldable Metal Roll Cage Pallet

Time Limit Promotion 20% off Forklift Foldable Metal Roll Cage Pallet

Model The external size: LxWxH (mm) Net Weight (kg) Loading Capacity(kg) Unit Price /USD FOB NANJING Stuffing Qaulity
20'GP 40'GP 40'HQ
MCA-01 1000X800X700 52 1200 $70 112 238 264
MCA-02 1000X1000X900 66 1200 $86 94 184 204
MCA-03 1200X800X700 59 1200 $79 88 176 194
MCA-04 1200X1000X900 74 1200 $97 76 164 182
MCA-05 1320X1020X1000 82 1200 $107 72 146 162
MCA-06 1400X1200X1100 96 1200 $125 52 110 119
Metal Cage  (Type B)
Model The external size: LxWxH (mm) Capacity(kg) Net Weight (kg) Stuffing Qaulity
20'GP 40'GP 40'HQ
MCB-01 1140x1140x545 1500 92 60 122 142
MCB-02 1140x1140x730 1500 98 60 122 142
MCB-03 1140x1140x1090 1500 113 60 122 142
MCB-04 1330x1140x545 1500 96 50 108 126
MCB-05 1330x1140x730 1500 105 50 108 126
MCB-06 1330x1140x1090 1500 121 50 108 126

Time Limit Promotion 20% off Forklift Foldable Metal Roll Cage Pallet

We ensure the most productive warehouse pallet rack solution is provided whether working from your plans or developing a cost-effective layout that is just right for your needs. You are assured of the best designed, most efficient and safest racking.

We also supply accessories like collumn guard, barrier, decking panel, adjustable base plate, wire mesh plate, truck rail etc, and other material handling equipment for warehouse storage.

Product Inquiry
Weixun intelligent & Weida logistics are both subsidiaries of Weixun group.
Jiangsu Weixun intelligent is one of the early intelligent warehouse logistics system equipment manufacturers in China.
We have the full line-ups of  racking, shelving and their matched products including  long span shelving, selective pallet rack, drive in rack, mezzanine rack and etc.
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