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Radio Shuttle Rack

The radio shuttle rack is a high-density storage system that allows for excellent utilization of space. It has independent charging radio shuttles, allowing pallets to run on a guide rail with the control of a manual radio. The radio shuttle racking system consists of racks with lanes, battery-powered dollies, and battery chargers. The pallet shuttle racking is remotely controlled by the user and moved from one storage lane to another by the forklift operator. It moves goods independently through the lane manually or automatically optimizing storage, loading, and unloading stages. The radio shuttle racking system is a semi-automated storage and retrieval system and is ideal to store high-density palletized references and mass storage products. Using it considerably reduces the maneuvering times for each operation and optimizes the storage capacity available with compact systems. Weida, as top 10 radio shuttle rack manufacturers in China, has professional radio shuttle rack knowledge and high-quality warehouse radio systems.

Features of Radio Shuttle Racking System

1. Compared with drive in rack, the radio shuttle racking system is high safety for forklift no need to enter the racking, which reduces shelf collision risk.

2. Greatly improved warehouse cargo access efficiency.

3. High warehouse utilization rate & work efficiency, greatly reduce job waiting time.

4. Different types of products can be levered with flexible access.

5. More stable and safe on structure compared with drive in rack or drive through rack.

6. First in first out or first in last out can be realized.

7. Can be automatically sorted and inventory.

8. The radio shuttle works at the same time with the forklift, which greatly improves shelf access efficiency.

Application of Radio Shuttle Racking System

Food, beverage, chemical, tobacco and other single species, large quantities, and relatively single item product. Date critical cargo such as fruit and food can also be stored.

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