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Medium Warehouse Rack Have The Following Functions

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Medium warehouse rack have the following functions:

  1. Three-dimensional structure, warehouse rack can make full use of warehouse space, improve warehouse capacity utilization, expand storage capacity;

  2. Goods access to the benefit, can be done to improve the predecessor first out, 100% of the selection capacity, smooth inventory turnover;

  3. Warehouse shelves of goods, warehouse rack at a glance, easy to inventory, division, measurement and other very important governance work;

  4. To meet the large quantities of goods, a wide variety of storage and centralized governance needs, with the mechanical handling tools, the same can do storage and transportation work in a well-ordered way;

  5. The goods in the shelves are not squeezed, warehouse rack the material loss is small, the complete guarantee of the function of the material itself, the loss of the goods in the storage link may be reduced;

  6. To ensure the quality of stored goods, you can take moisture-proof, dustproof, anti-theft, and other measures to improve the quality of materials storage;

  7. Meet the needs of the modern enterprise low cost, low loss, efficient logistics supply chain management.

  8. Load-bearing capacity, not easily deformed, reliable connection, (rack base network) disassembly easy, diverse, all shelves of the surface by pickling, phosphating, warehouse rack electrostatic spraying processes, anti-corrosion, rust-proof

  Buy warehouse rack should pay attention to the topic:

  This is the most concern of the pan Bo Consumer, the main function of the warehouse rack are used to store goods, warehouse rack a lot of times do not need to be like other products as blindly pay attention to the appearance of shelf products.

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