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China Warehouse Drive Through Racking System

China warehouse drive-through racking system is a storage method that increases storage density and is extremely efficient because of the storage concentration of pallets. Warehouses with a large production run to benefit the most from these racking systems.
  • Shanghai, China
  • Pallet
  • L/C, T/T

China warehouse drive-through racking systems are the champions of last-in, first-out high-density storage. Everything is loaded and picked from the front pick faces of the rack system. 

The product is rotated in a last-in, first-out (FILO) inventory method. Individual pallets cannot be accessed directly, but one by one from the entry point of the rack. These racking systems have a single entry and exit point. Pallets are stored on rails in lanes several pallets deep. Distribution Centers benefit the most from drive-in racking systems because it is an excellent solution for a product that is not the time or date sensitive. This eliminates the need for loading and picking aisles.

China warehouse drive-through racking system can be built as deep as the available floor space and from floor to ceiling depending on what works best for your storage needs. Drive-In/Through rack is ideal for cooler and freezer applications and warehouses that store large amounts of similar products.

Benefits of China warehouse drive-through racking system

  • High-density storage

  • Used for bulk goods of the same type

  • More pallets stored per cubic meter than any other storage system

  • First-in, Last-out principle

  • Perfect for cold and chill storage applications

  • Limited stock rotation

Drive-in applications

  • Cold Storage

  • Food & Beverage

  • Grocery

  • Manufacturers with limited SKU counts

  • Producers with limited product variation, date segregated production, or batch production

Heavy Duty Drive in Rack /Drive Through Rack

Heavy Duty Drive in Rack /Drive Through Rack

More Details:

Model Industrial Warehouse pallet rack
Pallet Size A) W1200*D1000mm B)W1200*D1200mm C) W1200*D1100mm D) W1200*D800mm
Materials Optional A) Quality Steel Q235A used for normal temperature storage situation
B) Quality Steel Q235B used for cold storage room
C) Environmental protection powder for surface treatment--powder coating
Craft-work A) hole-punching B) cold rolling C) welding D) powder coating
Structure A) bolted structure B) welded structure
Color A) as to our standard model B) according to customer's requests
Pack model A) standard export packing B) according to customer's requests
Package material A) transparent and dust-proof poly-sheet
B) hard carton paper
C) long and thin plywood bar
D) plywood pallet; steel and plastic straps
E) air bag used when loading container
MOQ 5-10 sets; the model is subject to your requirements
Payment A) T/T B) LC C) Paypal or Western Union
Warranty A) one year against manufacturing defect
B) 8-10 years of life time, offer lifetime consultation on problems occurred
Quantity A) 20' container B) 40' container C) a sample order
17500kgs 26000kgs 1 set
Delivery time In 15 days In 20 days In 7 days
Note All racks can be customized
Heavy Duty Drive in Rack /Drive Through Rack

We ensure the most productive warehouse pallet rack solution is provided whether working from your plans or developing a cost-effective layout that is just right for your needs. You are assured of the best designed, most efficient and safest racking.

We also supply accessories like collumn guard, barrier, decking panel, adjustable base plate, wire mesh plate, truck rail etc, and other material handling equipment for warehouse storage.

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