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China Pallet Shuttle Rack for Warehouse

The China Pallet Shuttle Rack for Warehouse realizes the function to ensure that the forklift does not need to enter the roadway, with the advantage of saving operation time, improving the safety of personnel and goods. Due to the high and reliable performance, it can greatly improve the storage efficiency of warehouse goods. On the other hand, China Pallet Shuttle Rack for Warehouse makes full use of the warehouse space, and the warehouse utilization rate reaches more than 80%. Compared with press-in shelves and through shelves, the structure is stable and the safety factor is higher.
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The shuttle follows orders sent by an operator through a WiFi-connected tablet. The forklift alignment guides facilitate and speed up the positioning and removal of the radio shuttle at and from the entry points. It deposits its load in the first free location in the channel while compacting the pallets as much as possible. The rescue accessories enable a second radio shuttle to bring a unit to the entry position if necessary. The workstation offers great a great degree of comfort both for maintenance operations and battery recharging. Not having forklift traffic inside the lanes increases storage capacity in terms of depth and decreases the risk of accidents. Damage to the shuttle racks is then negligible, operator movements are optimized and warehouse operations modernized and made more flexible.

Features of China Pallet Shuttle Rack for Warehouse

1. Compared with drive in rack, the radio shuttle racking system is high safety for forklift no need to enter the racking, which reduces shelf collision risk.

2. Greatly improved warehouse cargo access efficiency.

3. High warehouse utilization rate & work efficiency, greatly reduce job waiting time.

4. Different types of products can be levered with flexible access.

5. More stable and safe on structure compared with drive in or drive through rack.

6. First in first out or first in last out can be realized.

7. Can be automatically sorted and inventory.

8. The radio shuttle works at the same time with the forklift, which greatly improve shelf access efficiency.

Key Specifications of China Pallet Shuttle Rack for Warehouse

● Maximum Load Capacity: 3,300 lbs

● Speed: 5 ft / second (no load), 3 ft / second (with load)

● Pallet sizes: Compatible with most common pallet sizes in the USA

● Battery: 48V, 30AH

● Run Time: At least 8 hours on a single charge

● Charge time: 3 hours

● Battery Life: 1000 charge cycles

● Noise level: < 60db

● Additional technical specifications are available upon request.

Who are the users of the China Pallet Shuttle Rack for Warehouse?

1. Garment Industry Warehouse

2. Textile industry

3. Pharmaceutical industry warehouse

4. Footwear Industrial Warehouse

5. Logistics company

6. other

Asrs Pallet Shuttle Rack for Warehouse

The radio shuttle racking system is a new generation of high-density storage racking system which max your storage utilization and working efficiency. The warehouse radio shuttle rack system is a high-density storage system composed of racking, radio shuttle, and forklift. The radio shuttle running on the special rail and can be increased or decreased to raise and lower the pallet cargo, and return it to the position. The shuttle adopts a radio remote control and equipped with a battery to provide power, and running forward and backward with four wheels. The radio shuttle racking system is of a high-density storage rack system with high investment cost. It is suitable for the storage of large quantities and single species of goods for FIFO or FILO. But there is a special requirement for the bottom surface of the pallet. The space utilization rate of the warehouse radio shuttle rack system can reach 80%.

We are China professional pallet runner manufacturers. OEM and ODM are available. We can make an order with our best service. Welcome your kind inquiry.

Asrs Pallet Shuttle Rack for Warehouse
Infomatiion you need provide us:

The basic essential factor for designing of heavy duty pallet racking and warehouse:
First, cargo and pallet:
1. Cargo weight (including pallet or steel box pallet).
2. the size of pallet and cargo.
3. the direction as the fork lifter enters the pallet to deposit and withdrawal cargo.
Second, forks lifter:
* model or technical parameter of Forklift.
* biggest height of lift and the shortest distance for the channel to be used of forklift.
Third, warehouse:
1. the plane size of warehouse.
2. the only high can be used of warehouse.
3. the direction and the request as cargo enter the storehouse.

Asrs Pallet Shuttle Rack for Warehouse

We ensure the most productive warehouse pallet rack solution is provided whether working from your plans or developing a cost-effective layout that is just right for your needs. You are assured of the best designed, most efficient and safest racking.

We also supply accessories like collumn guard, barrier, decking panel, adjustable base plate, wire mesh plate, truck rail etc, and other material handling equipment for warehouse storage.

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