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  • 2021-05-27

    Top 10 Mezzanine Floor Suppliers

    1. Interlake MecaluxInterlake Mecalux is the leading company in the storage systems market. It is specializing in the design, manufacturing, sale and services of steel racking, warehouse automation, warehouse management software, and other storage solutions. Interlake Mecalux has founded 50 years an

  • 2021-05-06

    7 Main ASRS Storage System

    At present, several automated storage and retrieval system manufacturers have designed and manufactured various independent "goods-to-person" automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS). As the focus shifts from picking trays and material bins to picking individual items, the ASRS technology ava

  • 2021-04-28

    Application Analysis of Drive-in Racks in Cold Storage

    In recent years, the construction of cold chain logistics has become a hot spot in the logistics industry. Cold storage is a more important link in the entire cold chain. The one-time construction investment of the cold storage is large. It is necessary to ensure that the internal temperature of the

  • 2021-03-05

    2 Points of Drive-in Racking Design

    In the design process of the drive through racking system, the standardization of the pallet unit products is first necessary to determine the size, stack height, and rated load of the pallet. Only then can the overall structure of the drive-in rack and the key dimensions such as the span, depth, layer spacing, and height of the storage unit be planned. Finally, design and review the shelf structure and parts.

  • 2021-02-08

    The Characteristics, Application, and Selection Principles of Storage Shelves

    Today we introduce the characteristics, application scope, and selection principles of storage shelves. 1. Shelves Shelves are usually manual storage and retrieval methods. It is an assembled structure with uniformly adjustable layer spacing. The goods are often loose pieces or packaged items that a

  • 2021-01-28

    The Design and Common Problems of Mezzanine Platform

    Mezzanine racking systems are supported by shelves and can be designed into multiple floors (usually 2-3 floors). There are stairs, handrails, and lifts. It is suitable for the situation of high warehouse, small goods, manual access, and large storage capacity. The floor support shelves have a compl

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