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ASRS Automated Storage Retrieval System

Many of the largest ASRS Automated Storage Retrieval System, AS/RS Mini Load, ASRS Unit load, AS/RS Shuttle Rack and structural Rack Supported Building installations in the weida operate on Engineered Products ASRS high-rise structural rack, including designs for seismic areas, freezers and other special conditions. They include AS/RS Rack Supported Buildings, Rack Supported Warehouses, distribution centers, stand-alone warehouses, and specially designed AS/RS structures and structural rack for seismic areas, freezers and other special conditions. With experience in a variety of systems integrators, our design engineers, structural analysts, manufacturing supervisors, project managers, and installers coordinate every detail of your ASRS Automated Storage and Retrieval System AS/RS system from concept through installation to maximize your square footage and product turns.
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Nanjing Weida Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd located in Nanjing is a professional and leading manufacturer of storage equipment. Our product line-up covers long span shelving, selective pallet rack, drive in rack, mezzanine rack, gravity rack, cantilever rack, push back rack, radio shuttle rack, ASRS system, steel pallet, stacking racking, steel cages and etc. These products were sold well in China domestic market and overseas.

Types of automated storage and retrieval systems and examples

The two primary types of AS/RS include unit-load and mini-load systems. Unit-load AS/RS is used for large loads such as handling full pallets or cases of items. Unit-load AS/RS handle the big jobs that may require moving objects or pallets that weigh a few thousand pounds. A typical unit-load AS/RS uses moveable-aisle cranes or fixed-aisle cranes:


Fixed-aisle cranes usually stay fixed to one area or row of pallets, in this scenario. They travel along the designated area or path to retrieve items.

Moveable-aisle cranes are similar, but they’re designed to retrieve or store items in multiple areas instead of along one path or aisle.

Mini-load AS/RS, such as case-handling or tote-stacking systems, are smaller cranes or robots that handle lightweight loads such as trays or cartons. Mini-load AS/RS typically use cranes or shuttles:


Mini-load AS/RS cranes move along narrow aisles to retrieve or store products. It’s essentially a much smaller version of a fixed-aisle crane.

Mini-load AS/RS shuttles run along a track and deliver items or move them between racking systems. Imagine a small flatbed truck that runs out and grabs a box, tote or tray for you. They can work at multiple levels if designed for the job, but most of them run along a single path.

Other types of AS/RS include carousel-based systems and vertical lift modules. Carousel-based AS/RS retrieve and store products with the help of an inserter extractor. The carousel spins until the shelf or bin is in the proper position for the inserter extractor to either place or remove the item. This system can usually move vertically or horizontally in a fixed area. Most carousel-based automated storage and retrieval systems handle smaller jobs than heavy lifters like unit-load systems.


Vertical lift modules (VLM) work in a similar fashion to carousel-based systems. In this case, the inserter extractor is located in the center of an enclosed structure and is surrounded by columns of trays on both sides. It locates the correct tray and delivers it to an operator who then completes the order and returns the tray.


How automated storage and retrieval systems work

Each type of AS/RS operates in slightly different ways, all with the goal of speeding up warehouse processes. Each type of system outlined above automates the process of storing products in appropriate bins, shelves or other storage locations or retrieving items or loads from storage areas. They reduce the time and manpower needed to retrieve and store items.


Advantages of automated storage and retrieval systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems offer a few advantages, including:


  • Reduced labor costs

  • Improved accuracy, efficiency and productivity

  • Reduced safety risks for employees (reducing the need to lift and move heavy or bulky items)

AS/RS can work in environments that aren’t ideal for human workers, such as freezer storage areas. They can function at heights that are difficult for human workers to navigate, as well, allowing warehouse operators to maximize floor space by making better use of vertical space.


Disadvantages of automated storage and retrieval systems

Despite their advantages, there are several downsides to AS/RS solutions. The equipment is often large and bulky, requiring a significant upfront investment and substantial changes to the warehouse infrastructure and layout.


Regular equipment maintenance is required to keep AS/RS systems functioning at peak performance. When breakdowns do occur, productivity suffers substantially, sometimes grinding operations to a halt. Finally, warehouses that handle varying products at different times, such as seasonal items, may experience decreased productivity during these transitions while retraining the AS/RS to fetch or move new products.


How to choose the right automated storage and retrieval system

To keep pace with consumer demand, retain their competitive edge and maintain a robust bottom line, businesses need to utilize every square inch of warehouse space effectively, maximize asset utilization and improve labor efficiency. To this end, some businesses choose to deploy AS/RS systems to automate warehousing and streamline product storage and retrieval operations.


However, the complexity of even the most basic AS/RS systems makes choosing the right one a very challenging task. To simplify the selection process, let’s review some of the features and factors to look for.


AS/RS Structural Rack Systems

Weida offers expertise in Automated Storage and Retrieval systems. From Shuttle Racking, Unit-loads, Mini-loads and AS/RS rack-supported buildings, to large-scale distribution centers or specially designed AS/RS structures for seismic areas, freezing works, and other special condition facilities, we can coordinate every detail of your AS/RS system from concept to installation.


ASRS systems offer significant space savings, smaller footprint, and faster, smoother, quieter operation than static structural rack, pallet rack, and gravity flow rack storage systems. Engineered Products expertise includes Shuttle Rack Systems, Unit Load AS/RS Systems, Mini Load ASRS Systems, and AS/RS Rack Supported Buildings. Our experience in both Automated Storage And Retrieval Systems ASRS and rack supported warehousing enables us to design your system to provide the optimum yield per cubic foot of storage.



Loading Capacity (kg)


Walking Speed






Customized based on client' s requirements






WDL-1.5T 1500 150m/min







Factory Sale Asrs Automatic Storage System (AS/ RS System)


Factory Sale Asrs Automatic Storage System (AS/ RS System)

We ensure the most productive warehouse pallet rack solution is provided whether working from your plans or developing a cost-effective layout that is just right for your needs. You are assured of the best designed, most efficient and safest racking.

We also supply accessories like collumn guard, barrier, decking panel, adjustable base plate, wire mesh plate, truck rail etc, and other material handling equipment for warehouse storage.

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