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7 Main ASRS Storage System

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At present, several automated storage and retrieval system manufacturers have designed and manufactured various independent "goods-to-person" automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS). As the focus shifts from picking trays and material bins to picking individual items, the ASRS technology available on the market has exploded to help warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing businesses achieve this transformation.


The ASRS storage system on the market handles non-palletized inventory of different quantities, types, and turnover speeds at different speeds to meet different throughput requirements. When choosing an ASRS warehouse racking system, please consider the storage density required by your equipment and the throughput you hope to achieve.


automated warehouse picking system


Three types of automatic storage and retrieval systems

ASRS  storage racking systems can be divided into three categories (7 different technologies) according to the way they deliver goods:

1. Shelf-based sorting - deliver the entire pallet of products to the operator

2. Sorting based on the material box - a single material box is delivered to the operator

3. Robot sorting - the robot operates in a closed shelf system and delivers the goods to the operator




1. ASRS  racking system based on rack and pallet sorting


1) Vertical carousel storage system


Vertical carousel storage systems have existed for decades. It consists of a series of racks connected to a chain drive device, and the motor drives the rack to move bi-directionally in a vertical cycle on a track similar to a Ferris wheel. This automatic storage and retrieval system can safely and quickly deliver the goods with low and medium turnover speeds to the ergonomic workbench under the command of the operator. The automated storage and retrieval system manufacturers will add new features each time they adjust, but the core content of the technology remains the same.


The vertical carousel storage system provides a throughput of 100 to 400 order lines per hour. In addition, it can easily achieve faster speeds by adding lightweight directional sorting technology and batching stations that can sort multiple orders at the same time. The vertical carousel storage system can provide a capacity of 1,650 pounds per box, which is a reliable and cost-effective solution that cannot be ignored.



2) Horizontal rotary storage system


The horizontal rotary storage system consists of high-density storage boxes mounted on an oval track. The elliptical orbit will horizontally rotate the storage position of products with low and medium turnover speeds to the operator. This automatic storage and retrieval system can handle items and boxes weighing up to 200 pounds.


In order to achieve the maximum picking speed and throughput, they are usually installed in groups, called pods. This allows pickers to pick up goods from a carousel, while other pickers rotate to wait in line for the next required item. The horizontal rotary storage system can complete multiple orders at the same time through the lighting directional sorting technology and the batching station, so as to achieve a throughput rate of 600 production lines per hour.


automated pallet racking system

3) Vertical lift storage system


The vertical elevating storage system is the most flexible shelf technology in this category, which can be automatically adjusted when the inventory changes. This closed dynamic storage solution consists of two rows of pallets, with an inserter/extractor in the middle, and the pallet can withstand up to 2,200 pounds. The inserter/extractor automatically locates and retrieves the pallets of stored medium and low turnover items from the two columns, and delivers them to the operator at the waist-high selection window at a rate of 125 to 475 pieces per hour.


The system used to store the heaviest items can be equipped with automatic pallet extractors, cranes, and cranes to help operators handle and operate their sorting. Since the height of the items placed in each tray is measured during placement, VLM dynamically stores the trays to maximize storage density and save up to 85% of the floor space. VLM is a good technology choice for companies with ever-changing inventory scales.



2. ASRS storage system based on material box delivery


1) Small load AS/RS based on a stacker crane


The small load system can easily handle light cargo. It is dedicated to each extremely dense storage channel through a separate load-handling device installed on the stacker. The small load system can handle loads in storage bins, material boxes, or pallets between 220 and 750 pounds. The crane travels on the track or wheel at a rapid acceleration speed to deliver the product to the operator.


The small load system is ideal for goods with low turnover speed. It can deliver 1 load per minute with a throughput of 60 to 100 order lines per hour. If you have more than 5,000 containers to store, this is a good high-density storage solution.



2) Vertical buffer storage system


The vertical buffer storage system is a material box handling system for small-scale applications that cannot afford large and expensive solutions. The VBM consists of a closed racking system, with a movable mast going down the central aisle for sorting and storing material boxes. The device is designed to be able to work in front of the operator and queue for the next sorting to reach the maximum throughput of the system.


The material box can be transported to the ergonomic carousel sorting station, or it can be automatically processed by the inbound and outbound conveyors. The machine can also be equipped with a manual station for replenishing material boxes during the sorting operation. Replenishment activities do not need to interrupt sorting.


Multiple units can be connected by a conveyor belt, and the material box can be transported to a remote sorting station. The design of this kind of automatic storage system is modular, expandable, and energy-efficient.

 automated material handling system and storage retrieval system

3. ASRS racking system based on robot delivery

1) Robot shuttle

This dynamic storage solution uses robotic shuttles to independently shuttle between floors, traveling on narrow tracks on each storage floor. They retrieve storage items at high speeds, with throughput ranging from 200 to 700 order lines per hour.


Handling 35 to 65 pounds of storage bins, material boxes, or pallets, this automatic storage system can provide increased throughput by increasing the number of robotic shuttles.


These systems are modular, expandable, and flexible. This means that businesses need change, and they can be expanded with minimal structural changes.


asrs automated storage retrieval system

2) Ground robot


When the shelf can find you, why look for the shelf? The solution stores inventory items on portable storage racks and a group of autonomous mobile robots take them out of the storage racks and transport them to the operator's access area. After the operator selects the desired item or items from the shelf, the robot returns it to the storage area. This is very suitable for low-to-medium turnover inventory, with throughput ranging from 100 to 300 order lines per hour. By adding more robots, throughput can also be easily expanded.


The racking system with a standard load-bearing capacity of 1000 pounds per row can be matched with a heavy-duty cargo handling system to increase the load-bearing capacity of up to 3000 pounds per row.



The above are the 7 most important ASRS racking systems. If you want to know more information, please contact us now!

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