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We are professional and leading storage equipment manufacturer. We have the full line-ups of  racking, shelving and their matched products. These products were sold well in China domestic market and overseas. 
The factory covers 20000 square meters including the workshop with 15000 square meters and warehouse with 4000 square meters. There are over 200 employees. This well-qualified team ensures the system work of design, plan, production management, inspection, and after sales service. 
Stack Racks for sale can be stacked several units high without load-on-load contact, eliminating product crushing damage. It allows you to change storage layout easily and inexpensively. Portable pallet racks can be a better material handling solution than standard pallet racking.
Warehouse heavy duty pallet racking for sale is a cost-effective storage system providing direct access to all pallets. It provides high capacity storage, can be located, accessed, and moved individually, and has low equipment and capital costs. Moreover, its strength and rigidity can prevent compression damage to goods.
Radio shuttle racking system is a new generation of high-density storage racking system which max your storage utilization and working efficiency. It is a high-density storage system composed of racking, radio shuttle, and forklift. The warehouse shuttle racking system is suitable for the storage of large quantities and single species of goods for FIFO or FILO. 
Mold die storage rack systems are designed for storing and managing heavy dies and molds. It creates a work cell environment that allows a single operator to handle the molds and dies. The mould storage racks can quickly to access and retrieve and improve the safety of handlings the molds and dies. It optimizes storage space and creates room for other facilities.
Narrow aisle pallet racking is one of the typical selective pallet racking systems. narrow aisle racking has the feature of a selective racking system that the forklift can store any pallet of cargoes. Moreover, its high efficiency and high density of storage can bring a great production rate and save the cost of storage and transport.
AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval systems) refers to a variety of computer-controlled methods for automatically placing and retrieving load from specific storage locations. An AS/RS environment would encompass many of the following technologies: Horizontal Carousels, Vertical Carousels, Vertical Lift Modules (VLM), and traditional Crane-in-Aisle Storage & Retrieval systems that utilize storage retrieval (SR) crane.
The mezzanine racking system is the most economical way to create an additional floor level using standard pallet rack components, which utilize the cubic area of warehouses and maximizes your storage space. The mezzanine storage system can improve workflow efficiency and space utilization, eliminate downtime, and expensive relocation costs.
Carton flow racking systems with tilted shelves can improve visibility and order accuracy, which is the perfect answer for the split case or piece picking. The height of the racking is normally lower than 2.5M and the loading capacity of each layer is 1000kg at the most. Shelves can also be adjusted to meet your picking height requirements.
Medium duty racking is compatible with most types of handling equipment. It is manufactured with the highest quality of steel and has less storage density compared to other pallet racking systems. Moreover, the medium duty racking system has a low capital cost and is easy to install and simple to adjust.
Cantilever storage racks, which also called arm racking, are an ideal solution for the storage of long objects like metal extrusions, steel bars, tubes, pipes, carpet rolls, lumber, and furniture, etc. The cantilever shelving system is designed for single and double-sided column use. It's mainly used in the mechanical manufacturing industry and markets for building materials.
Drive in and Drive through Pallet Rack Double Access Systems (Drive-through Racking Systems) consists of continuous lanes of racking with only a single load and retrieval aisle. Loading and unloading are undertaken by means of counter balance or reach trucks that drive down each lane into the racks. Its structural steel construction is durable and has high warehouse utility.
We continuously not only make the new product developments and increase the production management system level as per the ISO9001 International Quality System standard, but also focus on the environment protection to comply with the ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. 
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We have the full line-ups of  racking, shelving and their matched products including  long span shelving, selective pallet rack, drive in rack, mezzanine rack and etc.
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